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Beer pouring: How to pour the perfect beer

If you’re an experienced beer drinker, odds are by now you already know what you like to drink. Even in the craft side of things. But the question is, are you making the most of your beer drinking experience? Essentially, two factors can change the way you drink your beer. And these factors are your beer pouring style and your choice of beer glass. Both of which can be corrected so you can enjoy the most magnificent brew of your life. Ready to get pouring? Then let’s find out more. (Explore our range of craft beers.)

You could say beer pouring is a science and an art

The right beer pouring technique

Did you know there is a special technique for pouring beer? Here’s how you should pour your favourite brewski so it presents perfectly:

Step 1. Tilt

Tip your beer glass at a 45-degree angle. 

Step 2. Pour

Pour your beer slowly, making sure the stream flows down the side of the glass.

Step 3. Straighten

When the glass is half full, straighten it and pour the rest of the beer into the centre to create a head.

Step 4. Sip

Take a sip and enjoy your perfect brew!

Beer glasses

Not only is there a beer pouring technique for great presentation, but there’s a special glass for each type of beer too to further perfect the ex-beer-ience, both aesthetically and practically.

1. Pint glass for Amber Ale

A pint glass is wider at the mouth than at the base and is a common choice of glass for many beer types, including the Amber Ale. (Taste our flavourful Amber Ale, the Cheerleader.) The benefit of the pint glass is that it neither enhances nor detracts from a beer style, so you can consider it a jack-of-all-trades kind of beer glass.

2. Mug for APA

The classic beer mug featuring a handle is generally used for pale ales, like our APA the Quarterback. Unlike other beer glasses, beer mugs tend to have thick glass walls, giving them extra durability and insulation. More insulation means your brew can be kept cooler for longer – which is always a bonus when drinking a refreshing, lighter-bodied beer.

3. Snifter for IPA

A great glass for aromatic beers, the snifter is designed with a wide middle to open the beer up and release its spicy and sweet smells. We like this style of glass for our IPA, the Graduate, as it accentuates its notes of passion fruit, litchi and grapefruit.

4. Flared Pilsner glass for Pilsner (duh!)

The flared Pilsner glass is tall and thin with a slightly flared mouth, and is shaped to enhance the sparkle, clarity and bubbles of its namesake beer – while maintaining a signature head of foam. Have you tried our golden Pilsner, the Dean? This brew is the authority on all things beer.

5. Chalice glass for Belgian Ale

The hallmark features of the chalice beer glass are its bulbous body and flared mouth, giving it a dramatic appearance. Its wide mouth helps diffuse strong aromas and bold hoppy notes, typical of Belgian Ales like the FES. This brew is strong and dark with hints of caramel and toffee, and is bittered with Perle & Fuggles hops. Learn more about our famous brew crew.

Are you pouring beer the right way? And into the right glass?

Beer pouring is an important part of the beer-drinking process. Without the right pour and the right glass, you might as well be drinking cider! (Wink wink.) Get acquainted with the cool kids on the block at 1000 Hills Brewery.