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How to boost your health with the benefits of beer

Discover the benefits of beer. Pizza and beer. A beer with the boys. A cold beer at the end of the day. Beer seems to go well with everything. In fact, even good health can be paired with beer. That’s because beer is made from natural ingredients, which all contain nutrients. Compared with other alcoholic beverages, beer holds more value for your health. 

Benefits of beer #1: How beer helps digestion

Beer, especially the darker brews, contain lots of soluble fibre, the same stuff those high-fibre cereals and yogurt like to boast about. Fibre helps stomach contents to move through your intestines easily. Beer contains around 1 gram of soluble fibre per 30 cl glass, so drink up, and skip the yogurt.

Benefits of beer #2: Why beer is good for your heart

Happy wife, happy life? Of course. Another way to have a happy life is to enjoy a beer. It has been found that those who enjoy a beer from time to time may reduce their risks of having a heart attack by 40% to 60%.

Is this because beer drinkers are more relaxed? Who knows.

We do know that one of the benefits of beer is that it can prevent blood clots. A possible factor which may contribute to the statistic. A study done by the American Heart Association revealed that those who drink beer maintained their HDL (the good cholesterol) levels better. Again, this leads to better heart health.  

Either way, it’s great news for all of us. Celebrate the benefits of beer and have one now.

Benefits of beer #3: How to increase your bone density – with beer

We’re always told as children to drink our milk. It’s good for bones. The adult equivalent? Beer of course. A study published in the International Journal of Endocrinology suggested that men who consume a moderate amount of beer had better bone density. You can thank the silicon in your beer, an essential mineral for bone health.

Have one for your bones. They’ll thank you with a happy dance.

Benefits of beer #4: Use beer to cure a cold – here’s how

Ever heard of a hot toddy? There’s no need to use hard liquor, beer works wonders. It might not taste as crisp as an ice cold one, but you can warm your beer. When barley is warmed up, it promotes improved blood circulation. That means you’ll breathe easier. Simply warm your beer slightly and a few teaspoons of honey. Not necessarily tasty, but certainly handy.

Beer is a serious matter – not to be sniffed at.

Benefits of beer #5: Treat yourself, and your inflammation. Have a beer

Inflammation is the body’s response to an unwanted germ, bacteria, or illness. White blood cells are the soldiers fighting for your body. Molecular Nutrition and Food Research published a study indicating that beer plays a significant role in reducing inflammation. To be precise, you can thank the mix of hops in the beer for this gift of great health.

Why are reduced inflammation levels great? You reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and a number of other illnesses.

Ready for a beer? Beer is ready for you. Take a look at our brew crew here.

Benefits of beer #6: Battle to sleep well? Beer could help

Some of us fall asleep before we hit the pillow. Some of us fall asleep and stay asleep for a short while only. Others, toss and turn until the first birds get excited about dawn. It’s agony. It turns out that beer might just be able to help your restless bones.

Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid are both present in beer, and both help to promote a deep and restful sleep. It’s best not to use the alcohol in beer to sleep, as this can prevent you from having a deep sleep. Just one or two beers in the evening can give you the coenzymes you need. Just try not to snore.

A beer to settle all things

It has often been said the world’s problems can be settled over a beer and a laugh. So, let’s settle the matter at hand – beer for good health. Beer has a profoundly important place, let’s not underestimate the role our beer brewers play in society. They keep us sane, they keep us hydrated, and they keep our night time adventures cheerful. 

So here’s to good health and happy days thanks to the benefits of beer! Cheers!  *chink*