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Things to do in Durban that are local, lekker, and lively

There are so many things to do in Durban, but many of them tend to revolve around the beach or being active outdoors. What about something different – the pleasure of the outdoors complete with relaxed friendly vibe?

Of all the colourful cities in South Africa, Durban and its surrounds offer the most relaxed outdoor activities for the whole family. The beaches are warm and sunny, while the outer suburbs offer beautiful stretches of thick forest with magnificent walking trails and viewpoints. Coffee shops dot the area among the petting zoos and shopping malls.

Things to do in Durban: A family-friendly outing in the hills

Picture this:

A morning spent outdoors, overlooking the scenic views of the Valley of 1000 Hills, while the children play and the adults enjoy premium-quality craft beers, or a wide range of teas and finely crafted eats and treats. Even the dog enjoys the outing, playing with the children and enjoying a snack of his own.

If this sounds like the perfect way to spend a relaxing weekend, then it’s time you venture into the hills and try out a whole new flavour of fun (and food). Stretch your experiences with these new things to do in Durban.

A chef school, a microbrewery, and fun things to do in Durban

1000 Hills Brewery is run as part of 1000 Chef School, and is located on the same premises in Bothas Hill, KwaZulu-Natal. The Chef School is a local tertiary college, but they are so much more. They’ve entrenched themselves in the community, inviting visitors to sample foods from their on-site deli, participate in gourmet evenings, or enjoy the peace and quiet of the friendly and trendy premises.

Here are some of the reasons visitors fall in love with our offerings, every weekend.

Our Brewery

The second-year students from 1000 Hills Chef School learn to craft the finest selection of ales as part of their curriculum. True to the college theme, we’ve designed our beers to represent our school spirit, as you can see by our colourful labels.

If you’re a beer-fanatic, you’ll love our selection, especially if you’re a beer-drinker looking for things to do in Durban. While we follow the best practices laid-out by the industry, we also prefer to adopt a nonconformist style, we like to experiment with flavours and brews. Most of our beers follow a pale ale style, varying in test and flavour.

Our craft beer range

Each flavour is personified according to its characteristics. If you’ve ever cracked open a cold one and felt yourself becoming best friends with a brew, you’ll relate to these names. We have The Cheerleader, The Quarterback, The Fes (the foreign exchange student), The Dean, and The Graduate.

We might also introduce a new member to our brew crew soon, but you’ll have to connect with us via social media to see what, when, and where our exciting new craft beer will be. Either way, our brew crew will not only satisfy your meanest thirst, our awesome mircro-brewery and deli will give a new and exciting list of things to do in Durban.  

A brewery tour

1000 Hills Brewery loves brewing exquisite craft beers day after day, but what would a brewery be without beer lovers enjoying our refreshing beverages. This is why we offer a complimentary beer tasting with our brew-master, Trevor Maarschalk, as well as a free tour of our facilities every Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 8.30AM and 4PM. Add some culture to your weekend plans and learn about how your favourite beers are made. Booking is essential – find out more here.

Our deli

1000 Hills Chef School believes their students learn the most when they’re physically doing the work. Students learn a number of artisanal production methods used in creating all the produce that is sold in the deli. The result? A fantastic deli that’s a hidden gem in the Valley of 1000 Hills, serving artisanal food that’s crafted conscientiously, with the purpose of wowing the palate. If you’ve been there and done that, we’ll surprise you! Every two months we launch a whole new menu. Because why do predictable? You can find the menu here.

The deli offers a culinary adventure for the whole family. We’re fortunate to have premises that are breathtaking, from the magnificent view of the giant rocks and the rolling hills to the lush green grass and a play area for children. We’ve created an environment that offers something for everyone and even welcome furry friends, so, if you’re looking for things to do in Durban with your pooch, pop by!

Gourmet evenings

When last did you enjoy a night out? Fine dining? The best South African wines? On the first Thursday of the month, the students from 1000 Hills Chef School host a gourmet evening. The evening promises plated dishes which are finely crafted, accommodating even the most sophisticated of palates. Each dish is professionally paired with a selection of South African wines, or sometimes craft beers and even a showcase pairing featuring South African gins.

This sophisticated evening is a must if you’re looking for classy things to do in Durban. To view the menu, or to book your spot, visit their website.

Things to do in Durban that involve the whole family

Being part of the community means reaching out and welcoming everyone. We do this by letting you know we’re here and luring you with flavours, tastes, and activities that are irresistible and suitable for the whole family.

We’ve included everyone in our menu, scones with jam and cream, healthy and crunchy salads, curry to tempt you for days, and even steak prepared to perfection. Because we’re so passionate about welcoming familiar faces, our prices are reasonable, our food is hot (or cold, if you ordered our unique school-made ice cream), and our smiles are from the heart.

The best part is that we’re only 10 minutes from Hillcrest. So, if you’re looking for fun things to do in Durban, this is it. Dig into something fine and eat your heart out. We’re here all weekend, every weekend.

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