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Rugby game-day food and beer pairing ideas

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Having the crew over to watch the upcoming rugby? It’s always a good idea to have snacks and food on hand. Stock up on the right crowd-pleasing and delicious combination of beer and game-day food to keep the couch coaches fueled up all game long! Here are our top pairs for snacking on during those edge-of-your-seat moments throughout the game. May the best team win!

Rugby game snacks and beer pairings

Game-day food and beer pairing

Pairings are all about coaxing the most pleasure out of each element — on this occasion; we’re talking craft beer and game-day food.

Beer is an excellent match for food because of the complexity of its flavours. Now more than ever before, there’s synergy between beer and food. We have to consider what elements are at play, such as texture, flavour, aromatics, fat, acidity, sweetness, bitterness, and carbonation, to name a few of the most important. Let’s explore what food tastes best with some of our favourite craft brews. 

Amber ale 

We are starting with the Cheerleader, our malty and balanced craft beer. 

A generous hop bill of Amarillo Gold and Willamette pairs really well with smoky Texan-style brisket. Cut the brisket up and serve snack-style as the game is in play. 

The fiery flavour of this beer also compliments spiciness, so consider serving it alongside spicy game-day food, such as zingy samosas, chilli bites or jalapeno poppers. 

Barbeque biltong and amber ales also make for a dynamic flavour duo.

What spicy foods go well with beer?

Indian pale ale

The rich taste of The Graduate, our Indian pale ale, is a delicious beverage to cool you down as the pressure mounts on the rugby field.

Hints of passion fruit, litchi and grapefruit make this IPA your top choice to pair with chilli BBQ spiced biltong, sour cream and chives potato chips or saucy pork ribs.

How to pair beer with potato chips

Belgian ale

The strong and dark flavour, with a subtle hint of sweet caramel and toffee, makes the Foreign Exchange Student a favourite for snack and beer rugby day.

Grab a bottle of the Foreign Exchange Student, more lovingly known as the FES, and head to the cheese tray. This dark brew smoothens the flavour of blue cheese and other strong cheeses. With a touch of pear or apricot, this mix is undeniably delicious for a quick snack between scrums.

Cheese and beer pairing


The Dean, our gold star pilsner, is a refreshingly clear and crisp brew.

As you hand out this golden drink to your mates, pass around a few bags of plain salt potato chips to compliment the notes in the beer.

Guacamole is the best choice for this pilsner pairing if you love chips and dip. The smooth taste of the pilsner works well to complement the smooth texture of the guacamole.

For a meatier and more filling snack, saucy and sticky chicken wings are great game-day food options for a tasty pairing.

game-day food ideas for rugby

American pale ale

If you’re going to be chugging down more than a few beers, the light and easy-drinking APA – the Quarterback – should be your drink of choice.

Fruity and slightly bitter, our APA works well when sips are accompanied by nibbles on chilli biltong or spicy steak strips. Serve these up on a platter for guests to munch on throughout the game.

Salt and vinegar crisps are also extra tasty, balanced out with sips of this brew. Add them to your platter, and you’ve got a delicious and easy snackable treat for when things kick off.

Biltong and beer pairing

What we eat and drink may not be more important than the actual rugby game, but not having snacks and beverages could take away the whole experience. While we socialise and watch our teams play, food and drinks enhance your guests’ spirit. Party styles will vary, but one constant is always the food bringing people together – sometimes even more so than the game itself. Your guests are looking for a fun social time, as well as a great food spread, in addition to an exciting rugby game. So get those beers cold, lay out the game-day food, put on your rugby team’s colours and start cheering!

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