Cooking with beer: Creative ways to use every last drop

After a long day, there’s nothing better than cracking open a cold one and savouring every last drop with your meal. Can you imagine anything better? We can. There could be beer in your meal too. The complexity of your favourite brew can add depth and flavour to your dish. There are endless possibilities when it comes to including a splash, dash or a whole can of beer to the cooking process. From light batters to mouthwatering marinades, and even delectable desserts, beer can be used in any number of ways. In fact, we can’t think of any downside to cooking with beer (and drinking it too).

Ideas for cooking with beer

All you foodies out there will have come across beer-battered menu items in your food travels. Beer-battered fish and chips, in particular, is a favourite of gastropubs. What’s not to love? Cooking with beer creates light, airy, and crispy batter, the marks of perfection. The bubbles in the beer carbonate the mixture, giving it an incredible crunchy lightness. Don’t limit yourself to fish – coat your onion rings too. Grab yourself an IPA (India Pale Ale), like The Graduate, and get battering.

Beer and cheese fondue

There’s no denying, beer and cheese make quite the pair. The bitter, fruity hints of the hops lift and intensify the flavours of the cheese. Take your beer and cheese pairings to new heights by combining the two in one lip-smacking dish – beer and cheese fondue! Choose your favourite flavour, add it to you fondue recipe and begin dunking into the bubbling blend. When selecting your pairings, Belgian ales, like The FES, go well with semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses. Hard cheeses suit strong stouts.

cooking with beer

Beer brined chicken

Who doesn’t love a juicy roast chicken? This one’s a classic. Cooking with beer is a sure recipe for a successful roast. Brine your bird before cooking for moist, tender white meat. Not only does this prevent drying out, but it also infuses a subtle malty flavour. Save a splash of beer for the end. Add it to the remaining juices to create a seductive sauce.

Marinated in beer

Picture this. It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. You’re flipping meat over a sizzling braai with a pilsner in hand. Now imagine all that meat, marinated in a sticky beer-infused sauce. Is your mouth watering yet? Whip up the perfect marinade. Combine an American-style craft beer, like The Quarterback, with your marinade ingredients (try ketchup, mustard and treacle) to create the ultimate beef basting.

cooking with beer

Beer in desserts

Cooking with beer isn’t reserved for savoury dishes. Add beer to desserts for a heavenly treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Beer and chocolate are fantastic together. Wow, your guests with a moist chocolate and stout sponge. Or, pull out all the stops, stock up on The FES and churn a tub of beer ice cream. The only way to end off a good meal.

cooking with beer

Get started cooking with beer

Whether you need to get rid of some unfinished beer or want to infuse your food with your favourite brew, cooking with beer is always a good idea. 1000 Hills Brewery has five flavoursome beers to choose from. Find your nearest stockist, grab a few bottles, and get cooking.