craft beer tasting

Craft beer tasting: Savour the flavour with every sip

We’re all familiar with the subtle art of wine-tasting – give it a sniff and swirl before swishing it down (let’s be honest, no one ever spits) and passing lofty comments about tannins. But what …

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date night

Date night ideas for couples who love craft beer

The month of love has us all scrambling for the perfect date night idea. But who says you should only focus your efforts on one night of the year? You don’t need an excuse to …

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craft beer

1000 Hills Brewery Craft Beer: Meet the NEW flavour on the block

You love craft beer. You love a little culture. You enjoy sipping on our brew crew. You’re ready for a treat. There’s a new kid on the block, he’s the highlight of the bunch. He’s a …

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Things to do in Durban that are local, lekker, and lively

There are so many things to do in Durban, but many of them tend to revolve around the beach or being active outdoors. What about something different – the pleasure of the outdoors complete with …

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How to boost your health with the benefits of beer

Discover the benefits of beer. Pizza and beer. A beer with the boys. A cold beer at the end of the day. Beer seems to go well with everything. In fact, even good health can …

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best beer

The best beer myths – busted

Who doesn’t love sipping on a freshly-poured brew? There’s no better way to kick back after a long day than cracking open a cold one and watching the sun go down. Beer has been enjoyed …

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cooking with beer

Cooking with beer: Creative ways to use every last drop

After a long day, there’s nothing better than cracking open a cold one and savouring every last drop with your meal. Can you imagine anything better? We can. There could be beer in your meal …

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Which Glasses Are Paired With Which Beers?

For many drinkers, a glass is a mere vessel to hold the drink and transport it to the mouth safely. The truth is that the type of glass you use plays a significant role in …

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brewery tour

Brewery Tours: Questions to Ask

Craft beer is taking the world by storm and has increased in popularity exponentially over the last few years. In fact, there are many who will tell you if you haven’t yet sipped on a …

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pairing food and beer

How to Pair Food and Beer

Food and beer can be paired to match in flavour according to the same principle as wine, or you can hit the palate with a delicious contrast. If you like to play by the rules, …

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