the cheerleader

The Cheerleader

A deep coppery-coloured beer that will have you doing somersaults all night long. Malty, and balanced with a generous hop bill of Amarillo Gold and Willamette, this beer is filled with fiery spirit and delicious flavour. Bring on the pom-poms and gimme a ‘B’, gimme an ‘E’, gimme another ‘E’, gimme an ‘R’!

ABV: 5,5%
VOL: 440ml

Get cultured and learn more about The Cheerleader, below.

She’s perky! She’s fun! And she’s number one. She’s strong and she’s loud, your taste buds will be proud. It’s our feisty, red headed cheerleader!

When this little spirit boosting lady walks into class, with her cheerleading entourage in tow, all eyes are on her and her spiffy uniform. It’s like a perfectly choreographed entrance made especially for the drooling boys. She’s super popular. With her joyful disposition, bright eyes and catchy cheers, who could disagree? Pep looks easy when she lands her stunts, but really she cheers so hard she sweats glitter. She even cheers in her sleep and she does it with A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E.

When she’s not busy doing handstands, this cheerleader is bringing spirit and support to her community – she sure does love shaking those spirit fingers! Her life is like one big pep rally.

the cheerleader
the cheerleader the cheerleader the cheerleader the cheerleader