the graduate

The Graduate

Throw your graduation cap in the air when you take a sip of this rich India Pale Ale. With hints of passion fruit and litchi, from locally sourced whole flower Southern Passion hops, this distinctive balance aces all taste tests. After a few of these and the help of this guy’s grapefruit and spicy flavour, you will be graduating cum laude with a degree in Mandarin.

ABV: 6.4%
VOL: 440ml

Learn more about our Graduate, below.

With a collection of math pun t-shirts, and an attitude as positive as a proton, our graduate is a nerd – and proud of it! He’s intelligent beyond his years, but has his quirky, Sheldon Cooper side, too. After all, it’s better to be a nerd than one of the herd.

Einstein posters fill his dorm room walls and he’s read through the encyclopedia for fun! He has even memorised pi to a whopping forty places.

Those long hours spent in the library every night, thinking “just one more chapter” again and again is what will land this intellectual his PhD someday. From Mandarin and Mathematics to Latin and Theoretical Physics, he wants to master it all – and that’s a pretty impressive portfolio.

the graduate
the graduate the graduate the graduate the graduate