the foreign exchange student

The Foreign Exchange Student

From a country that has been brewing beer since the Middle Ages, the Foreign Exchange Student will have hops running through your veins from the very first swig. A strong and dark brew, with a hint of caramel and toffee, this ale is mildly bittered with Perle & Fuggles hops. After one of these, you will develop a Belgian accent and start acting like a bewildered tourist in your own town.

ABV: 9%
VOL: 440ml

Get cultured and learn more about the FES, below.

Our Foreign Exchange Student is all the way from Brussels, Belgium. This bilingual guy has become extremely popular because of his nice sounding Dutch accent, good looks and because who doesn’t want to brag about having a friend from a different country?

He speaks an impressive amount of languages fluently – three languages in total, including Dutch, French and English. Belgians take everything pretty seriously, including their appearances. He won’t even leave the house without his favourite beret or his treasured pair of dungarees!

Sweet in nature, his peers are convinced he is also almost entirely made up of Belgian chocolate. The life of the party, as he is known, he loves to share his peculiar culture with anybody willing to learn. Basically, what he likes to do is sing and drink, and occasionally dominate in soccer, which is his country’s most popular sport.

the foreign exchange student
the foreign exchange student the foreign exchange student the foreign exchange student the foreign exchange student