the dean

The Dean

This collegiate pilsner, with its ale style, deserves the high ranking, authoritative position it holds. Refreshingly clear, crisp, and to the point, the hop bill comprises of Perle, Cascade and Goldings, and takes pride in its well-deserved title as the head. Confidently know everything about all subjects when you sip on this golden beer.

ABV: 4,5%
VOL: 440ml

Get on the Dean’s good side by learning some more about him, below.

He’s the know-it-all collegiate we all love! He spends all of his time in his perfectly organised second home – his office. From delving into an enormous amount of books to spending his free time catching up on student files, the Dean knows everything there is to know! He knows each student by name, their interests, hobbies and background – it’s quite likely that he can even see their future! He is the pillar of advice for his students. Want to know how to relieve stress or what career path to choose? He’s got a brochure and a motivational speech ready to go!

He may not be thought of as a hero by many, but he is most certainly a hero maker. After all, it is his job to make his students greater, and he is proudly doing just that!

the dean
the dean the dean the dean the dean