New Year’s resolution: Drink local craft beers

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you’re embracing the fresh start with a new lease on life. (And a newfound love of local craft beers, perhaps?) We’ve got a unique range of refreshing brewskis for you to take into 2022 and beyond – from the crisp, clear Dean pilsner to the light and fruity Quarterback APA. Once you’ve become acquainted with our famous brew crew, trust us, you’ll be buddies for life. So if your New Year’s resolution is to drink more craft beer, keep reading to discover five reasons why you should.

local craft beers

5 reasons to drink local craft beers from 1000 Hills Brewery:

1. There’s a style for everyone

If you’re an IPA fan, we’ve got you. If you prefer a heavy Belgian Ale, we’ve got you too. In fact, we’ve got a craft brew for every beer-lover out there. Our brewers know that variety is important when it comes to craft beer. After all, without options, how would we find our favourite beer style? Hang out with the coolest kids on the block to find your new best brew.

2. We bring flavour for days

Caramel notes, fruity undertones, bursts of bitterness. Whatever your flavour preference, there’s a craft beer to match it at 1000 Hills Brewery. Unlike mass-produced beers, our local craft beers offer something special – rich, distinctive taste. The sort that comes when beer is brewed by passionate pros who hand-pick quality ingredients. If you appreciate the finer beers in life, you will taste the difference and see why craft is king!

3. There’s much to learn, and we can teach you

All the time and energy that goes into ingredient sourcing, flavour development, and specialised brewing techniques means your favourite craft beer is really a hand-crafted masterpiece. One that is expertly prepared by local artisans who stake their livelihoods on it. Just think, a beer made with this amount of care and consideration must be worth its weight in liquid gold – and the craft brewers – certainly worthy of their stripes in the industry. Visit our own-campus brewery to try our beer tasting tray, or simply read the back of your bottle for the lowdown on that style.

4. Our brews pair well with food

The various flavour profiles of our local craft beers makes them excellent to pair with food. For example, the FES Belgian Ale goes well with steak, and the Dean Pilsner works its magic with fish. Explore our Heritage Day blog post for examples of braai food and craft beer pairings.

5. There’s a story behind every brew

If you know 1000 Hills Brewery, you’ll know each and every one of our beers has a story. A tale, really, explaining where the beer came from and what it’s about. Take the Graduate, for example. He’s a fun guy. Sure, he spends most of his time reading books and boosting his grades, but once you get to know him, you can appreciate his quirkiness and witty sense of humour. You see, when a unique brew like the Graduate has a unique backstory, drinking it is more of an adventure – a memorable moment shared with a friend.

local craft beers

Which of our local craft beers will you try this year?

Hopefully, you’ll sample the entire brew crew! (Every one of our local craft beers is a gem, so why not?) Visit 1000 Hills Chef School at 2 Wootton Avenue, Bothas Hill, KZN for some beer tasters.