The craft beer personality quiz: what type of craft beer are you?

Mmmm beer. Is there anything better than the refreshing gulp of a cold craft beer after a long day? We all have our favourite varieties to drink, but have you ever thought about trying a beer that matches your personality? Take our test (don’t panic, it’s just a quiz) and discover which craft beer you are then get on over to 1000 Hills Brewery and give it a taste test. Answer our quick questions and take note of which letters you are choosing. The answer will be revealed at the end…

craft beer sign

Pick a colour that speaks to you

We will start off easy it’s like a guided beer meditation. Picture all of these colours in your mind and choose the one that you gravitate towards.

  1. Orange
  2. Yellow
  3. Brown
  4. Gold
  5. White

craft beer

Craft beer time: how often do you grab a beer to drink?

What does your beer-drinking schedule look like? Tell us if you’re a casual chugger, a celebration cheerser or a routine sipper.

  1. Only on the weekends
  2. Special occasions
  3. Everyday
  4. Once or twice a week
  5. When watching your favourite sports games


What was your favourite school subject?

Pick out the subject that gets your brain buzzing, and your heart pumping.

  1. Art
  2. Math
  3. Language
  4. Business
  5. Sport


Beer is our favourite word, but which word best describes you?

Just for a minute, think of yourself from a friend’s perspective. How would they describe you in a word?

  1. Cheerful
  2. Curious
  3. Adventurous
  4. Dedicated
  5. Energetic

craft beer

In your downtime, you enjoy:

When not at work, what gives you joy and sets your heart on fire?

  1. Catch ups with friends over a meal
  2. Reading and learning about something new
  3. TravelingTravelling or planning your next vacation trip
  4. Re-organising your house for the fourth time this week
  5. Getting outdoors and kicking a ball around


Choose the food you crave when you’re sipping on a craft beer

Which of the below food mentions is getting your taste buds salivating and your stomach grumbling?

  1. A crispy and garlic FocacciaFoccacia
  2. Korean-style pork fillet
  3. A succulent beef fillet
  4. Sweet and sour cauliflower
  5. A tasty vegan platter


P.S. Check out our menu for these mouthwatering meals and more. 


Choose the beer quote that speaks to your heart:

Beer is a beautiful thing. So are words. Which words do you feel confirm your craft beer relationship?

  1. “Life is brewtiful.”  unknown
  2. “Fermentation may have been a greater discovery than fire.”  David Rains Wallace
  3. “Everybody needs to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer.”  WC Fields
  4. “Good people drink good beer.”   Hunter S Thompson
  5. “The best beers are the ones we drink with friends.” unknown


Drum roll, please. 

Here are your results. Get to know which 1000 Hills Brewing Company craft beer you are most like.


Mostly a’s: the Cheerleader

The life of the party and the one encouraging all of the party antics, you’re most like our malty Amber Ale. Fiery and full of energy, we would most likely catch you doing somersaults in the garden on a summer day or cheering on your friend at karaoke. Always joyful and kind, you are the supportive friend we all need in life.

Shake your pom-poms and learn more about the Cheerleader.


Mostly b’s: the Graduate

You’re the intellectual, who loves a good math pun and marches to the beat of your own drum just like our rich India Pale Ale. A little bit quirky, you’re always up to learn about the world around you. Keep the knowledge alive, academic.

We know you love a good read, so take some time to explore the facts about our fruity, yet spicy IPA, the Graduate.


Mostly c’s: the F.E.S

Hey, good-looking! You’re like our Belgian Ale: a dark brew with hints of caramel and toffee. Bewildering, and sweet in nature – your friends may be convinced you are made entirely of chocolate. You love to sing, drink and play. You’re a classic and a crowd-pleaser. Stay invigorating.

Take a look at what goes into making the F.E.S the delicious Belgian Ale it is.


Mostly d’s: the Dean 

As a great leader and decisive personality, you match this Gold Star Pilsner. Clear, crisp and to the point, you are ready to make all of the important decisions. We can imagine you as a pillar of advice and a great motivational speaker. You have big opinions and have no problem sharing what you think. Salute to you.

Make a great decision now and have a peek at the Dean, crafted to perfection in our brewery.


Mostly e’s: the Quarterback

Loved by the crowds, you are the friendly neighbourhood hero, the American Pale Ale. You are the guy or girl everyone wants to be friends with, high-five and cheer on. Light and refreshing, you’re the easy-going individual that no one can resist inviting to the braai. Way to be the life of the party!

Want to read more about the Quarterback? Get reading.

Well done for completing our craft beer quiz and discovering your inner beer characteristics. Now the hard part is over and it’s time to get drinking. Come and visit us at the Classroom Café. Our brewers can’t wait to get you tasting their expertly crafted creations.