Our craft beer brewery welcomes in a new partnership

It’s official! We’ve got some new roomies. After secret plots and unforeseen delays, Pietermaritzburg-based companies Clockwork Brewhouse and Doctrine Brewing have joined us. Three local brands working out of one craft beer brewery — it’s a dream come true. With Clockwork’s Euro-trip inspired selection and Doctrine’s bespoke flavours featuring alongside our tasty class of brews — The Graduate, The FES, The Dean, The Quarterback, The Cheerleader and The Rebel — there’s no better place to spend your weekends.


craft beer brewery


Meet the new crafts on the block

Clockhouse Brewhouse: Small volume, special beer

Established in 2014, Clockhouse Brewhouse bases its belief that beer should be an experience, not just a beverage. To make this vision possible, the company forges its identity through focusing on the love of brewing. They experiment with new approaches and styles to continue the quest for quality over quantity. Owner/Brewer Megan Gemmell will be bringing in five more names to the tap room.


The Clockhouse brews:

  • Märzen Lager: A smooth, malt-rich, amber-orange German lager.
  • Elderflower Golden Ale: A crisp, light-bodied golden ale.
  • Schwarzbier: A flavourful, light-bodied, German-style black lager.
  • English Best Bitter: An amber ale with soft, malty, caramel flavours.
  • The Pitter: A fusion of English Bitter and a Brown Porter characteristics.


We are doubly delighted with this partnership as Megan will not only serve as a resident brewer, but a lecturer! She will be teaching our advanced program students their beer and brewing course. We are quite proud that we are the only culinary school in South Africa that integrates brewing into our unique curriculum. We are sure her presence will be most beneficial to our students (and our taste buds).


Doctrine Brewing: The doctrine of original beer

Doctrine Brewing prides itself on showcasing under-represented styles and flavours. Owner/Brewer Dion van Huyssteen operates Doctrine Brewing while searching for interesting combinations. As such, they enjoy producing both high and low alcohol beer with novel flavour profiles to create a unique taste experience. Their trademark taste centres on the belief that quality ingredients are non-negotiable. The doctrine they live by? “If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up exciting no one”. We praise you marching to the beat of your own (beer) drum.

Doctrine Brewing brings along their four masterfully crafted and aptly-named beers to our tap room.


The Doctrine brews:

  • Æon: A light wheat based beer which opens with a mild peppery spiciness and closes with a crisp citrus zest.
  • Twisted Talisman: A porter’s rich malty sweetness, with hints of coffee, dark fruit and toffee.
  • White Dragon: Citrus aromas dominate this wheat IPA, developing a subtle spicy aftertaste as it warms. A pronounced bitterness balances the malt and alcohol.
  • Willo’-the-Wisp: Pilsner with African Wormwood added for subtle herbal notes.


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Tapping into the future

While the new companies add to our exciting tasting trifecta, they will remain autonomous in keeping their own identity. These joint forces will mean even more exciting beers and experiences on the horizon for all our beer beginners and boffins. Together, the three breweries will share our new equipment and tap room. This will be the first time for both bottle-based breweries to have a tap room to showcase their beers. And we couldn’t be happier to share our heart and home with these crafty creatives.


craft beer brewerycraft beer brewery


Ready to visit our craft beer brewery?

We look forward to welcoming and hosting you alongside our new brewers in arms. Come and visit us with our revamped tap room brimming with new experiences and memories. Cheers to that! 

Our restaurant and craft beer brewery are open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, from 8:30AM to 4PM. For bookings, hop over to our contact page.